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Frequently Asked Questions

Our unique performance tweaks guarantee nothing but the best!

Why Choose Offr?

With the courses, mentorship and network that we offer, candidates are in a better position to get the best jobs available! Plus Offr pays for itself. Folks who work with us have achieved a higher salary than other candidates applying for the same roles!

What types of jobs can I get?

We specialize in helping people get into sales, marketing or IT positions! But you can utilize our best practices for ANY industry!! The choice is yours!

Is there a cost to your service?

The program is completely free until you’re hired! No upfront payment for anything. You only pay us if the program actually works for you, meaning you accept an offer. Once you do start working, then you would pay us back 2% of your first year’s salary over a 3-6 month period!

Can I pay upfront and pay less?

If a candidate chooses to, the candidate can pay an upfront fee to enter into the program! The upfront fee can start as low as $99 per month!

What are the requirements?

You must be 18 or older to join. While you can work from anywhere, most candidates live in the US or Canada! Depending on your situation, some limitations could apply. There is a baseline level of knowledge or skills that is required in your field of your choice!

How do you differ from a job bootcamps?

We are NOT a career bootcamp. Job bootcamps teach someone a rather limited basic industry-based curriculum to get into a entry level position only in a specific industry. Using best practices, we help candidates find a job based on what is interesting to them, giving them the ability to work for virtually anyone!

Use Offr to upgrade your career.

We have an excellent track record.

Placements all over the world

We've helped candidates in Australia, UK, Asia, and the Americas find the right opportunities!

Over 500 candidates placed

This is far from our goal! Our goal is to help thousands everywhere find the right career!

Over $25million in new salaries

Use our best practices when it comes to negotiating for the job you want! We'll help you get the money you want to make.

Contact us and jump-start your career.