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Bill Barry

Bill is a Go-To-Market genius. He’s made a phenomenal career out of strategy, and used his ability to see the big picture, to help companies make more money. His specialty is working with technology companies and can provide exceptional insight with mid market – Fortune 500 companies



Martin Bach

Martin’s specialty is in Sales and Marketing. His experience comes spearheading and growing large teams at companies like Oracle, Serro, and Rahi Systems. His own methodology on building lead generation teams/and marketing departments have allowed companies like Oracle and others to make millions of dollars.



Shawn Hickman

Shawn Hickman brings over 20 years of experience of sales ability, worldwide leadership, training and methodology. His ability to think outside the box and master industry experience has made him incredibly valuable at every technology company he’s been apart of. Shawn has been a top performer with brands like Neustar, Verisign, Infoblox, Quova, Webmetrics, and F5! 



Debbrah Dizon

Debbrah is a sales enablement coach at the publicly traded company, New Relic. Her infectious personality and positive spirit has helped her navigate through the toughest of challenges. It also brings positive energy in her direction, which she has used to win amazing opportunities for herself and create a phenomenal career! Networking with her as a mentor is a no-brainer!



Khim Yang

Khim brings over 20 years of experience of software engineering at major organizations at companies like SAP, and Workday. Whether or not software engineering is your career choice, Khim’s vast experience can help folks who are breaking into a new tech career path, or even returning to one! Khim will bring true value to your professional network.

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