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Get career navigation strategy and industry support! Here's a sneak peak at what the program looks like.​


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Program Overview: We follow 8 Steps to Career Navigation Success

Figure out your career focus

Follow our proprietary method on figuring out what career brings you the most joy and passion!

Step 1

Establish relevancy with your skillsets and the dream job

Learn what skills you have and are good at, and how they relate to the job you're interested in! Ensure you have the know-how to tackle your new navigation path!

Step 2

Tighten up your professional image

Make sure your resume, and LinkedIn profile are attracting hiring manager and potential mentors! Learn to use our Resume Builder to help you ensure that professional image with your network.

Step 3

Organize your job and opportunity search!

Build a CADENCE of companies and opportunities that fit your specific criteria of interest! Learn how to leverage that list to your advantage!

Step 4

Don't apply to jobs, reach out to hiring managers!

Learn how to get IN FRONT of the people that matter: hiring managers, potential clients and valuable network connections! Land new career opportunities by STANDING OUT!

Step 5

Learn to SELL YOURSELF to the RIGHT people!

Learn how to SELL your ability to do the job to the people that matter in the process!

Step 6

Maximize your job offer and negotiate your salary

Saying the wrong things in this part of the process will ensure you DON'T get the pay you want, or ensure you DON'T get the job! Learn what you SHOULD say instead!

Step 7

Continue to learn new career skills and maximize the outcome of your income

Learning essential career growing skills can help you increase your income by percentages you didn't know were possible! Learn how to leverage your greatest asset to finding real career and financial freedom

Step 8

Unlock your potential and transform your career.

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