Get career navigation strategy and industry support! Here's a sneak peak at what the program looks like.​


Story telling

Software Development

Information Technology


Program Overview

Program introduction and career focus

Meet your mentor and others in the community! Join our private LinkedIn group! Learn how to build the perfect resume and LinkedIn profile. Get yourself ready for your job search!

Parts 1-3

Job Opportunity Outreach

Learn how to reach out to hiring managers and people who can help open doors for you at the companies you're interested in working for! Learn how to get creative and use email to find yourself money-making opportunities!

Parts 4 and 5

Interviews and Offer Letters

Develop your elevator pitch! Learn the main questions hiring managers ask on every interview. Learn how to properly showcase your best skillsets that match what the company is looking for in a candidate. Learn how to properly value yourself in an interview so you get the highest level of compensation.

Parts 6 and 7

Plan your career future

Learn the right way to make smart career decisions. Plan for short term and long term decisions that put the most money in your pocket. Learn skillsets that make yourself valuable to the company you work for

Part 8

Unlock your potential and transform your career.

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